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Matthew D. Wehr, MD joined Westfield Family Physicians in August 2008. He is board certified in Family Medicine and came to this area from New Paris, PA. Dr Wehr graduated from Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine and completed residency at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center in Johnstown, PA.


Dr Wehr and his family live in Westfield, NY.  Dr. Wehr and his wife have one child.  They enjoy fishing, hunting and stamp collecting. He his family have served on several short-term missions trips to the Dominican Republic and Kenya.

Dr. Wehr, if you were not a medical professional, what would your dream profession be?


"If I was not practicing medicine I would be a fishing and hunting guide."


Dr. Wehr, what is the most interesting place you have been and why?


"Definitely the Maasai Mara reserve in Kenya. I enjoyed camping there with my family and seeing the migration of the Wildebeest and the many other animals living on the savannah."

Dr. Wehr is a member of a care team with:

Donald F. Brautigam, MD, FAAFP

Lorie A Lashbrook, MD

Susan Murawski, FNP

Krista Przybelinski, ANP

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Erin Lewellen, PA-C

Matthew Wehr


Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine | Hershey, PA



  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Christian Medical and Dental Associations

Matthew D. Wehr, MD

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